The Importance Of Trend Lines Strategy For Trading Binary Options

Most sites of different binary options brokers state that this kind of trading is straightforward as it doesn’t need great market knowledge to start earning. But, it’s foolish to consider that one can earn profits without utilizing any trading strategy. Binary options trading is relatively the easiest trade in this financial market. All you have to do is predict whether the cost of an asset goes downward or upward. It doesn’t rely on number of points that the price shifts, provided that it occurs in the traders predicted direction. But, you need a few strategies to make profitable moves.

Trading binary options need trend lines strategy, one of the main strategies for making prediction that increases possibilities of winning a deal. In this, you need to know two concepts: the support line and the resistance line. Support line is a line drawn between the lower price extremes. In this trend, the price doesn’t fall below marked price, thus supports the uptrend. The resistance line refers to the line which goes through upper price limits. In this trend, price doesn’t break above the trends. Hence, this trend offers resistance.

Testing Reliability Of Trend Line

If resistance and support lines stay unchanged for longer time, then it means that the trend is reliable and strong. Thus, you can utilize it to make confident and obvious forecasts when trading options. Always keep in mind that as trend gets stronger, its probability retaining its direction rises. Investors must do the prediction according to trend’s direction.

Next thing that indicates a trend’s reliability is the total number of times the rate has tested the support and resistance lines. It, in other words, indicates how many times the price has tried to break down these lines?

Drawing Resistance And Support Lines

For trading efficiently, you must be capable to describe the activities of the cost on the charts. When you look on the chart, you may identify and portray the location of cost and its activity. Support and resistance lines will show the place where the market emotions have made a cluster. Support tends to be an area where price stops falling as well as settles at temporal rest point. In contrast, resistance is the area where the rate stops going up as well as take a break.

To draw the support or resistance line, you must find the latest low and latest high. After that, just draw out a horizontal line below the low and one more above high. You must wait a little bit to establish if lines are assuming a form. You must confirm that the support zone exists. Wait to see 3 failed trials in order to break support or resistance.


The trend line, in conclusion, is a vital tool which any trader of binary options should use to predicting the price movement. They assist traders to recognize the conditions of the market. An individual should learn how to use and draw the trend lines in order to make sure that he reads the rate actions well. The process is easy to understand and stress-free.